Our History

Year Established
The Kusa Seed Research Foundation began operating in the year 1980 in Ojai, California, as a scientific and educational organization chartered under United States tax    laws   as  a    501 (c) (3)
not-for-profit public charity. The Kusa Seed Society is the public face of The Kusa Seed Research Foundation.  Click on this link to learn more about Our Work.

The Word “Kusa”
The word “kusa” is a word from the ancient Sanskrit language.  In ancient India the word became the name for a storied, ceremonial grass:  the sacred kusa grass.  The legend of a “sacred grass” rises out of the mists of time at the beginning of history in the ancient East.   At the root of the legendary kusa grass resides one of humanity’s great myths. Click on this link for more on Kusa “Sacred Grass.”


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